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Asheville Montessori School

Student Forms

The Student Information Form is the second step in the enrollment process, and provides us with necessary details to ensure a successful and safe school year for your child, including Emergency Contact information.

Student Information Form 2017-2018

PLEASE NOTE: The Student Information Form is NOT an application! Do not complete this unless you have received a written confirmation and approval of enrollment directly from the AMS office. For more details on how to apply for enrollment, please contact the office. (828) 645-3433.

To re-enroll your child for the upcoming school year, we must first receive and approve your child’s enrollment application. Instructions on how to re-apply were sent to you via email/or in your child’s folder. For more details, please contact the office. (828) 645-3433.

Additional Forms for New Students:

Download, as necessary, depending on the age of your child.