Traditional Montessori teaching methods leading into the 21st century.

Asheville Montessori School

The child needs to be able to accomplish these entry level skills as he enters or within the first few weeks.

1. Follow one direction first time it is given.
2. Use toilet on suggestion (each time) and try to pull up own pants – not training pants.(Please Note: We cannot accept children who are not potty trained.)
3. Sit for 3 min. quietly and listen to a story without interrupting those around him/her with actions or words.
4. Use words to make independent choices.
5. Use words to get needs met – must be verbal enough to tell teacher when s/he is hurt, hungry, tired, etc.
6. Use kind words and touches with friends.
7. Keeps things out of mouth.
8. Is comfortable leaving pacifier, blanket, toys, dolls, etc. at home or in the car.
9. Is comfortable separating from the parent (Parent is ready to encourage them to be independent.)